6 Scams Illegitimate Online Casinos Can Do to You

6 Scams Illegitimate Online Casinos Can Do to You

With online casinos becoming prevalent on the internet, scams are also rampant. Some scams might pattern some procedures legitimate casinos do and get your trust instantly if you are not careful.

The following list shows how online casino scams can fool you if you're not carefully picking an online casino. You can pick up some hints that an online casino is a scam if you encounter these behaviors from their services, which you should wish to never happen to you.

Biased Games

When you play in an online casino, you should make sure that the games they offer are legitimate. Some manipulate their games, which give bonuses at the start of the game and then programmed to make you lose. A fair casino game would be randomized and should allow you to win or lose.

If you notice a pattern and the game keeps eating your bet, then you should stop immediately. You can contact the casino or their software developer directly to report the game.

No Payouts

Online casinos should honor your winnings and the promos or bonuses that you earned from their games or offers. Online casino scams would try to delay your claim request and keep stalling until you get tired of asking them.

Legitimate online casinos could payout in 1 to 24 days maximum. If you notice a dragging delay in your cash-outs, you can contact their company directly so they can avoid the long stalling conversations online. There are also cases where they confiscate your winnings and blame a glitch on the software or even blame you for cheating.

Hidden Terms and Conditions

Reputable online casinos put out their terms and conditions readily where players can access and read them anytime. Some online casino scams could show it upon registration or even make it inaccessible to registrants.

Problems may occur in the future, such as identity theft, canceled payouts, and other unfortunate situations you didn't anticipate.

Identity Theft

Legitimate online casinos would need personal information from you, and scams will utilize this opportunity to do the same and get your details for their gain. Some online scams can use your personal information and even your financial information if you're not careful. They could make copies of your credit cards and steal its contents.

Sometimes scams even steal your persona and hide behind it to further scamming other people. This scam might ruin your reputation and even accuse you of illegal procedures to cover up for themselves.

Inaccessible Customer Support

Illegitimate casinos would usually have no live chat support and will have hazy contact details. They may plan on reaching out to you on your first visits then leave you hanging once they get what they want from you.

Ransom Virus

There are illegitimate online casinos that may have dangerous websites that may harm your PC or mobile device. Some may hack your PC and get your files. Other scams ask you to download an app or a file and then trap you by locking your device or getting your files in it, and they would ask for a ransom payment so they could release their hold on your device.


Don't forget to research an online casino well before utilizing its services. You can read reviews as well to see other people's experiences on the online casino. Beware of flashy promos and perks as many scams use these to fish for their victims. Please don't risk your safety for tempting offers because they might be empty promises in the end.

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